Top Uses for Branded Toothpick Flags


Toothpick flags are an easy way to promote your business, brand or product at any event, meeting, celebration, school or party. Often our clients approach us for a specific toothpick they wish to use on a singular product. They quickly find having toothpicks on hand is an easy way to style and promote several of their line items and find themselves reordering. 

Here are some creative ideas that our clients have shared with us.

Cupcake Toppers - Using a toothpick flag on a cupcake is a much cheaper option than sourcing food safe or edible items that are suitable for everyone. There is nothing more delicious than a moist cupcake, topped with butter cream. Instantly make it attractive with a toothpick flag. 

The added bonus is you can include your logo on the toothpick flag, ensuring everyone knows who created this little delight. You can take advantage of our double sided printing by having a message or theme such as "Happy Birthday" on the front and your logo on the back. You may also want to carry a "gluten free" toothpick. This will emphasise that you cater for everyone. 

Grazing Plates - These continue to be all the rage with good reason. When hosting an event there is nothing easier than having a visually and mouthwatering platter for your guests to casually help themselves to while you focus on networking or socialising. Help your client out by having toothpick flags that can identify the cheese, dip, gourmet meats and any other beautiful produce you use. This creates a more professional look and also means that other party goers no who to call next time they need a scrumptious spread. 

Steak - Well done? Medium Rare? Rare? Whilst we've all engaged in friendly banter over the best way to cook steak, and some chefs cringe at the words "well done", it's always going to be a personal choice. If you are going to the trouble to ask your customers how they would like their steak cooked and then you prepare appropriately, you should make sure they get the right meal. This is easily achieved with toothpicks defining the customers option. It will also make the waiter's life easier and show your customer that you're actually listening. 

Food Allergies - Unfortunately food allergies are on the rise with over 10% of Australians having some kind of allergy according to the latest statistics. It's also a requirement that you label or identify a product if you use some allergens. Toothpick flags make it easy for those with dietary requirements to quickly access if they need to steer clear of a product. Alternatively, there is nothing better if you do have an allergy and you see a little sign that says "gluten free" or "vegan friendly". Toothpicks are a great way to look after all your customers, without a conversation and while remaining visually appealing. 

Catering Companies & Food Trucks - It's awesome to see so many food food vans popping up all over the country. It's making the most of our outdoor lifestyle, offers flexibility to the operators and means the diner has more options. In such a competitive market, it's vital that your product is easily recognisable. At a crowded fair, your food needs to match your van which means packaging. A toothpick is a quick, environmentally friendly tool that won't hide the food,  unlike wrapping or a box. We eat with our eyes, so you want passes by to have food envy and head straight to your van. 

Toothpicks will always sell themselves with their original use of cleaning your teeth after a meal, spearing an appetiser or holding together a hamburger. If you think about the products and services you provide, you can turn your branded toothpick into a useful marketing tool on all your food items.